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Steve Jobs Biopic

Who Will Play Steve Jobs?

Although no official announcements have been made just yet, but rumor circulating is that Sony Pictures is working on acquiring the rights to turn late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' biography into a movie.

According to the story by entertainment news site Deadline Network, Sony Pictures might shell out as much as $1,000,000 to acquire the rights to turn Jobs' authorized biography written by former CNN chairman and Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson into a biopic.

As to who will play Steve Jobs, there is no news yet, but after reading this MSNBC blog post and doing a google search, it seems more like Ralph Fiennes will end up playing Jobs as he looks more like Steve Jobs than the other characters mentioned. But again, in Hollywood, anything goes.

If the movie ever gets a green-light, they should use this as the movie poster. This poster absolutely makes a perfect sens to use for the movie. It tells a lot of story about Jobs and how we knew very little about his private life.

Tell us who will play jobs better.